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History Support Usage of Fiber

Recron 3S

• Roman Coliseum was built in 80 AD, used horse-hair as secondary reinforcement.

• Tipu Sultan’s palace at Srirangpattnam has been built with Sheep’s wool

• A Pueblo house built in 1540 with straw reinforcement adobe brick is believed to be the oldest house in USA

• Use of horsehair in plaster has many historical references

Thus use of secondary reinforcement has been a quite ancient concept. With advancement of technology and innovation in materials the concept has been fine-tuned to improve the performance of such materials greatly.

Use of secondary reinforcement such as polyester, polypropylene, nylon is quite popular for various applications in construction industry in the advance countries for few decades now.

In developing countries though, the use is restricted due to high cost of imported secondary reinforcement. Recron® 3s is most cost-effective solution for cracks offered to the construction industry. This has been possible due to the economy of scale, backward integration and high quality offered by Reliance.

Recron 3S